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Integrity. Intentionality. Transparency.

What role should your financial planning team play? At R. B. Gold, we lift the veil of mystery and center our process around your best interests. 

To maintain our client-centric approach, our firm is built on the foundation of three essential values:  Integrity, Intentionality, & Transparency.


Honesty and trustworthiness is the foundation of any relationship. As wealth managers, we work hard to always do the right thing by our clients. We will always make decisions based on our values and convictions rather than what brings us personal gain.


We believe that Purpose + Mission = Vision

As experienced Advisors, we have the ability to determine your purpose and mission to design and achieve your vision through a purposeful process.


Complete transparency is key when working with anyone, especially when it involves your hard-earned money. We have nothing to hide, and disclose all our fees up front.